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Welcome to Maggiore Queeries

I am so glad you found my webpage – writing about queers, queries, questions and answers. You’ll find queer material – lesbianista stuff, including excerpts from the novels, and see me query myself, pondering the meaning of home and place and spaces we occupy. In the pre-1990 reference works I questioned why all facts and #s regarding lesbians were based on gay men. That’s when I started to write to set the record “straight.”

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NEWSLETTER #1   Great day yesterday! I went to the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, OR. Good to see [...]

Borders I Have Crossed

BORDERS I HAVE CROSSED      Guards boarded the red-eye bus, weapons drawn. I focused on the male passenger snoring [...]

Writer’s Block or How to Avoid Writing New Material


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Death and Love at the Old Summer Camp

by Dolores Maggiore

Set in 1959, two young girls explore an old, forgotten camp, uncovering a dark mystery and their own sexuality along the way…

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